Red Star Poker Short review

Red Star Poker Short review poker players

Red Star Poker is a poker room that was designed for Russians. This way you will be able to find a lot of players from that part of the world. Thanks to the economic growth of Russia, and to the fact that they have a big population, this country is becoming soon a new global poker supper power. The website of Red Star Poker is going to offer you all the information you need in order to understand the rules of the games of poker that they are offering, along with the terms and condition that they apply. All this information is currently available in English and in Russian language.

The information that they are going to ask in order to sign up is not that complex, so the sign up process at Red Star Poker is going to be fast. Right now Red Star Poker is the largest Russian online poker room, and they recently took a new step towards offering their online poker room services to new markets by making their online software and website available in English too. They added many promotions and bonuses so that people from Europe and North America would join their poker room.

Sign up Bonus

Once you will sign up for Red Star Poker, you will receive a 100% sign up bonus up to $500 on your first deposit.

Traffic and competition

Red Star Poker is part of the Cake Poker Network, so it's going to share the same user base. The players traffic is still a little bit low, since Cake Poker is not such a popular online poker network. But you will still be able to find enough players at the ring tables most of the time.

The competition at the tables of Red Star Poker is well known for being soft. One of the main reasons why the competition is softer over the Cake Poker Network is that they have a large number of online poker players that come from online casinos and sports book. These type of website are able to attract many online poker players that are inexperienced, making the tables very juicy for skilled poker players. Also the Russian players are most of them novice poker players since the online poker in Russia is considered to be a new market, so they never had the time to improve their online poker skills and strategy.

Software and graphics

Red Star Poker uses the software of Cake Poker, that usually is not going to cause you any problems. They recently made one big update, and since that moment the poker room is running smoothly. Since that moment the whole performance of Red Star Poker software was dramatically improved.

Customer Support

The online customer support at Red Star Poker is pretty good. They are currently offering customer support through email, phone and live chat. Usually the answer will be very helpful and fast.

Payment methods

Once you download Red Star Poker and you are planning to make your first deposit, so that the sign up bonus will be yours. You must use one of the following payment methods available: VISA, MasterCard, Instacash, FirePay, MoneyBookers, Contact, Rapida and Webmoney.

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